ACLU Seeking Explicit Websites on Knoxville School Computers

The ACLU has sued schools in Knoxville,TN to force access to lesbian, bisexual and other websites on school computers for high school students, despite legally-required filters against sexually-explicit materials. This is a continuation of the ACLUs long and ultimately failing effort to prevent the use of such filters. If the ACLU succeeds in the Knoxville suit, it will certainly go national with this effort.

The facts for this article, but not the legal conclusions, come from an article on the website of the Knoxville News on 20 May, 2009. It concerns a suit just filed against the Knoxville County schools for “blocking access” to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender websites on school computers. The ACLU refers to these websites as “educational.”

These schools, and most others around the country, use a filtering software which is required by federal law in schools that receive federal financial aid. For years the ACLU fought such laws in court until finally a version of that law was approved in federal court. So, the current case filed by the ACLU can properly be seen as a left-handed way to renew the prior attempt to make sexually-explicit materials available to school children on their school computers. Only this time the ACLU is trying to get that result by claiming “educational discrimination” as the basis of the attack.

The plaintiffs in the case are four high school students and the librarian at the Fulton High School, Karyn Storts-Brinks. As the article notes, “Storts-Brinks is the adviser of Fulton’s Gay-Straight Alliance,” which gives a clear indication of her views of introducing “alternative sexual practices” into high school education.

The article in the News reads like a press release from the ACLU. This organization, the American Civil Rights Union, is not about to post a link to homosexual, transgender and other such websites. However, if any reader wants to see the kind of material the ACLU considers “educational.” Just Google the phrase “LGBT web sites.”

Tens of thousands of websites will then be referenced. Choose any three, or ten, or one hundred at random. You will find sexually explicit text on almost every one, and sexually explicit photographs or graphics on many of them. This is the “education” that the ACLU wants a court to force its way into Knoxville schools. And if that effort succeeds in Knoxville, it could be coming to your town next.

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