The National Conference on Organized Resistance

A publicly supported institution, American University in
D.C., is hosting, yet again, The National Conference on Organized
Resistance. It offers workshops on assorted loony-left ideas, which are
also supported by the ACLU, such as open borders with Mexico. But it also
has some serious, and potentially harmful ones including plans for "the
disruption or complete shut down" of the 2008 national political

* * *

The facts for this outrage, but not the legal conclusions, come from the
website for the NCOR's national conference March 7-9, at American University
in Washington, D.C. Although the ACLU does not appear on any of the
programs for this, its ideas and politics are in many of the workshops.

One of the featured workshops is, "Crashing the Conventions: An Interactive
Presentation and Discussion about the upcoming DNC and RNC Resistance."
What is the purpose of that? It says so right in the description. It is
"the disruption or complete shut down of the electoral farce of the US
political party conventions." Specific tactics will be planned for both
Denver and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Who are the worthies who will teach this seminar? Nothing is clearer, or
funnier, than to use their own words to answer that question. "Tanner Owens
is a maniacal, mysterious, camo-wearing backwoods appalachian turned
Paris-of-the-piedmont Carolinian anarchist bent upon the total destruction
of everything capitalist and conventional. They were integral to the
original emergence of the Redneck Anarchist Front in 1848, led three charges
in the Battle of Blair Mountain in 1921, occupied the Sorbonne in 68, and
organize free grocery programs in their police-occupied neighborhoods in
Carrboro, NC."

Being just a tiny bit practical, there is also a workshop on legal
assistance to the anarchists who seek to shut down the two national
political conventions. (Those are not the only targets. One group is
looking to shut down the summer Olympics in Vancouver, Canada.)

Many of the workshops refer to anarchy. One refers only to "The Bus to
Seattle." You have to know your history of urban riots to recall that
anarchists there "attacked" a World Trade Organization conference being
held, by wearing masks, blocking the streets, and smashing the windows of
the nearest Starbucks.

There is the obligatory workshop on the expulsion of the Palestinians from
Palestine in 1948. There is, of course, no mention of either of the
simultaneous expulsion of Jews from all the surrounding Arab nations, nor
the promise of the Arab leaders that the Palestinians could go back as soon
as Arab armies crushed Israel.

Unintended humor is a common ingredient of these workshops. Try this one on
for size: "The Art of Protest: Guerilla Theater, Puppets, Music, Movement &
MORE." Think of the cast of The Muppet Show, on a bad trip from defective

The workshop descriptions are actually revelatory of the real political aims
of some groups and movements. The global warming movement is explicitly
described as a means to bring down capitalism. The black students tried,
some already convicted and one by confession in Jena, La., are described as
being victims of "fascism." School choice in D.C., to let parents choose to
get their children out of failing schools, is described as an "attack on the
public schools."

"No Borders Camp" promotes the idea that the border between Mexico and the
US should not even be defined, much less marked or defended. The
descriptions of the hosts of this workshop are also unintentionally funny.

There is a workshop on "Nuclear Power Doesn't Work." Apparently the
organizers of this one have never heard of France, which produces 80% of its
electrical power from nuclear plants.

The bottom line of this entire conference is that every loony left idea is
on display. Both the descriptions of the workshops, and of the people who
are running them, are frequently hilarious. The only point where these
things become serious are the threats to shut down public events by street

Everyone who reads this outrage is strongly encouraged to go to the
bookmarked page on workshops, and read at random. It is a near guarantee
that your reactions will be laughter, and curiosity that people this
disconnected from reality are loose on the streets. You may also wonder why
a public-supported institution, American University, is hosting this
conference, again.

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