Busy few days for the ACRU on the radio

Over the next week, the ACRU is going to be on the radio several times talking about the issues.

Hans Zeiger will be talking about the attack by the left on the Boy Scouts of America. First he will be on today, the 28th at 7:00pm EST with Mike Bastinelli and “The Afternoon Update” on KIT-AM in Yakima, WA.

Then on February 29th, Hans will be on “The Guetzloe Report” on WAMT 1190AM in Orlando, FL. He will be on at 11:00am EST and you can listen live here.

Hans will also be on KKKK in Longmont, CO and the “Chuck Baker Show.” He will be on at 3:00pm EST.

Finally, on Sat, March 1 at 9:00pm, Hans will be on “The Trevor Carey Show” on KNUS 710 in Denver, CO. You can listen to Hans live here.

Also on the 29th, John Armor will be on talking about the latest ACLU Outrage, the ACLU having blood on their hands.

First, at 8:35am EST, John will be on with “Sean and Casey” on WCBM 680AM in Baltimore, MD. You can listen live here.

Then at 4:00pm EST, John will be on “The Chuck Baker Show” on KKKK in Longmont, CO.

On Saturday, March 1, John will on with Niel Young and “The Advocates” on WEZS-AM in Lanconia, NH. You can here him at 9:10am EST.

Horace Cooper will also be on next week. He will be on the “Zeb on the Ranch” show with Zeb Bartley on Wednesday, March 5 at 8:06am EST. He will be talking about the ACLU and FISA.

More updates as they come in.