Illinois Federal Judge Issues Mixed Decision on DOJ’s Sanctuary Cities Policy

A federal judge in Illinois on Friday ruled against two parts of the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) policy of denying federal funds to sanctuary cities, but sustained a key third part.

Ninth Circuit Delivers Trump Admin. a Setback on Travel Ban Executive Order Before Supreme Court Hearing

The Ninth Circuit appeals court chose to block part of the federal government’s interim immigration plan before the Supreme Court justices have an opportunity to weigh in.

Texas’ Voter ID Law Is Back in Force. Here’s Why That’s Such a Big Deal.

The court said that a stay was appropriate “while the court can consider arguments on the merits, [because it] will minimize confusion among both voters and trained election officials.”

Donald J. Trump v. International Refugee Assistance Project; Donald J. Trump v. Hawaii

The legal challenges to President Trump’s immigration executive order regarding terror-prone nations should be dismissed from court for all the reasons the U.S. Justice Department explains in its Supreme Court legal brief.

Conservative Leaders Praise Effort to End Gridlock on Trump’s Court Nominees

Grassroots conservative leaders participating in the effort to end the Senate gridlock on President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees are coupling an air war in the media with a ground war using their impressive supporter networks.

A Biased Judge Tosses a Texas Voter ID Law, Again

Some judges are determined to strike down election integrity laws, no matter what.

Lankford’s Proposed Senate Rule Change Could End Gridlock on Trump’s Judicial Picks

Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) has a proposal to change to how the Senate confirms presidential nominees for federal judgeships and the executive branch.

Conservative Groups Launch Campaign to Break Senate Gridlock on Trump’s Judicial Nominees

Conservatives groups launched a multimillion-dollar campaign on Monday to push the Senate to confirm President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees, helping break the gridlock in the Senate.

Planned Parenthood Court Fight over Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Could Go to Supreme Court

A federal appeals court last week ruled against Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit demanding taxpayer funding for abortion.

The Time Has Come For Gridlock Reform

When the Senate confirmed Judge David Nye to a federal district judgeship in Idaho, he became an acute illustration of what’s wrong in Washington right now.