An American Tradition

Here at the ACRU, we wish you and yours a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

End the Root Cause of Illegal Immigration

Most Americans want citizens and legal immigrants already here to get priority for U.S. jobs over citizens from other countries who are in the U.S. illegally.

Diversity Obsession

Black parents should not allow their sons and daughters to fall victim to the diversity hustle, even if the diversity hustler is a black official of the college.

White House Counsel Makes Case for Trump’s Conservative Judges

White House counsel Donald McGahn revealed in a major speech to the Federalist Society on Friday the genesis of President Donald Trump’s plan to create a conservative legacy on the federal courts.

One Democrat on Trump’s Electoral Integrity Commission Is Misleading the Public with Complaints About Its Work

We are saddened that Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap, our colleague on the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, has filed a widely-reported complaint against the commission.

Stopping Obama’s Time Bomb: The First Tax Increase of the Trump Era

In just six weeks, the first tax increase of the Trump era goes into effect, a delayed, time-released tax hike that President Obama left as a parting gift for his successor.

Tom Cotton: Senate Democrats Must Be Reasonable or Face ‘Martial Law’

Sen. Tom Cotton threw down the gauntlet to Senate Democrats on Thursday, telling the Federalist Society that Democrats would either agree to reasonable conditions for confirming President Donald Trump’s nominees.

Donald Trump Announces Five More Names for Supreme Court List

President Donald Trump added five judges to his list of potential Supreme Court justices on Friday, as the White House prepares for the possibility of a vacancy on the nation’s highest court before the 2018 elections.

Conservatives Push Senate to Eject ABA from Judicial Confirmation Process

Conservatives are pushing the Senate to jettison the American Bar Association from any role in evaluating President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees.

Socialism’s Predictable Outcomes

Socialism’s greatest outcomes are very predictable – misery, murder and refugees.