Blackwell: Protecting The Integrity Of Our Elections

8/2: Free and fair elections are vital to our republic.

Let’s Help Our Media Friends

I might point out that it’s not only leftist Democrats who are in a tizzy over the election results but also quite a few establishment Republicans.

Hundreds of Illegal Voters Revealed in Philadelphia

According to a Philadelphia elections official, hundreds of individuals who are not U.S. citizens have registered to vote in Philadelphia and nearly half of them voted in past elections.

Hillary Clinton Not Ruling Out Legal Challenge to President Trump’s 2016 Election

Hillary Clinton tried to make news this week when she surprised reporters by saying she would not rule out a court challenge to President Donald Trump’s victory over her in the 2016 presidential election.

Donald Trump Won the Respect Vote

Is Donald Trump the “legitimate” president? Absolutely.

On Fox News: DOJ-FBI Fails to Investigate Crimes Against the Electoral College

So why didn’t the Department of Justice and the FBI do anything about threats to the Electoral College? By now, dear readers, after eight years of this lawless rot, you don’t need J. Christian Adams to answer the question.

If You Ever Need an Excuse for a Bad Candidate, Blame Russia

If Democrats want to know why they lost the election, they don’t need an intelligence briefing to get the answer.

Majority Rule Equals Tyranny

Before we abandon the Electoral College, let’s consider the function it performs.

Much to Look Forward to

Americans can just ignore the liberal hysteria.

Threatening Electors Violates Federal Law. So Why Isn’t Loretta Lynch Doing Anything About It?

Making threats and attempting to intimidate electors is as anti-democratic as it gets.