Blackwell: ACLU Now Defending Etiquette, Not Speech

7/30: ACRU’s Policy Board member and senior fellow Ken Blackwell explains how the ACLU went from defending civil liberties to defending liberal ideals.

J. Christian Adams and Megan Barth: Vulnerability of our Election Process.

ACRU Policy Board member J. Christian Adams discusses with Megan Barth, Reaganbabe Radio, the current flaws that are exploited in our election process on KBET AM790, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Justice Department: SCOTUS Should Throw Out Illegal Alien Teenager Abortion Case, Punish ACLU Lawyers

DOJ is making the case that the ACLU’s deception was so blatant and egregious that the licensed attorneys working on this case should be punished by the Supreme Court or the states where they are licensed.

The ACLU’s Selective Compassion

How unaccompanied children in this country illegally are getting abortions.

How the ‘Revolution’ Is Eating Its Own

The ACLU faces disappointment in and out of court.

The Old Vote Scam in the Mountains

Data from New Hampshire shows how fraud at the ballot box is alive and well.

Principles Are Stubborn Things

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) poses a tough challenge to anyone who believes in individual liberty but doesn’t believe the Constitution to be a suicide pact.

Beyond the First Amendment

On social media, the troll empire strikes back.

The ACLU’s Attack on Election Integrity

By attacking the presidential advisory commission, the organization tips its liberal hand.

It’s Time to Clean Up Our Elections

The integrity of our electoral system is paramount, and the ACLU should care about that instead of harassing those of us asked by the president to help assess the problem and propose solutions.