Williams: Colleges Don’t Foster Free Thought

5/2: ACRU Policy Board member and Professor of Economics Dr. Walter E Williams examines how colleges have become intolerant and exclusionary of conservatives.

Spakovsky: James Madison University May Pay for Faulty Sexual Assault Investigation

2/14: ACRU Policy Board Member Hans von Spakovsky and Sarah Williams report an unjustly accused student suing the university to recoup legal fees.

Dirty College Secrets

1/10: A frequent point I have made in past columns has been about the educational travesty happening on many college campuses.

Diversity Obsession

Black parents should not allow their sons and daughters to fall victim to the diversity hustle, even if the diversity hustler is a black official of the college.

Walter Williams: The Left Is Destroying American Values on College Campuses

American Civil Rights Union Policy Board member Walter Williams asks why leftist progressives want to tear down Thomas Jefferson’s statue?

Not a Day Care

This doesn’t bode well for our nation’s future.

Today’s Intellectually-Challenged College Protestors

If the childish and thoughtless behavior of the protestors was indicative of the type of intellectual rigor and cultural behavior being taught in our classrooms today, this country is indeed in trouble.

Betsy DeVos Stands Up for Due Process Rights in Campus Sexual Assault Cases

These proposals would take the pressure off colleges to conduct quasi-criminal proceedings, which college administrators are ill equipped to do.

Racial Lies and Racism

The U.S. departments of Justice and Education plan to investigate racial bias in admissions at Harvard and other elite institutions where Asian-Americans are held to far higher standards than other applicants.

Democrats Pressure the Federal Government to Support Racial Discrimination

A letter from Dianne Feinstein and her colleagues misses the mark.