The Real Crime in the Michael Flynn Saga

Flynn had a legal duty to tell the truth to FBI agents, who apparently questioned him about the calls.

Manning Commutation Sends Dangerous Message

Barack Obama’s unjustified and undeserved commutation of Chelsea Manning’s sentence is very revealing.

College Subsidies for Illegal Immigrants Get Their Day in Court

No one knows how California voters would react to the Legislature extending benefits to University of California students because the Legislature has not taken that action and the people have not had a chance to vote them out of office for it.

Californian’s Fight Against Illegal College Subsidies for Illegal Immigrants Heads to Court

Unfortunately, we know that some California courts are filled with liberal, activist judges who are willing to rewrite, change, or otherwise ignore laws they don’t like or agree with.

Taking Away Constitutional Rights at the Discretion of the Government

If Congress truly wants to bolster our counter-terrorism efforts, they should concentrate on strengthening the investigative tools that can be used by law enforcement.