Spakovsky: New Lawsuit May Overturn DACA

5/1: ACRU Policy Board Member Hans von Spakovsky reports on why DACA should end and the new lawsuit that may accomplish that goal.

Klukowski: Supreme Court Won’t Hear DACA Driver’s License Case

3/19: ACRU General Counsel Ken Klukowski reports on the Supreme Court’s refusal to review a federal court order forcing Arizona to issue driver’s licenses to DACA teens.

Klukowski: Supreme Court Staying Out of DACA

2/26: ACRU General Counsel Ken Klukowski explains why the Supreme Court isn’t weighing in on the DACA fight, but may in the future.

Klukowski: Federal Judge Says Trump Can’t End DACA

2/14: ACRU General Counsel Ken Klukowski discusses why Democratic Federal Judges keep interfering with President Trump ending DACA.

Supreme Court Puts DACA Case on Track for June Decision

1/23: The Supreme Court expedited its consideration of the Trump administration’s petition to review the legal challenge to President Trump’s decision to end DACA.

Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Slams Federal Judge’s ‘Offensive’ Comments, Declares DACA Unconstitutional

1/15: Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on Sunday criticized a federal judge’s order reinstating DACA as offensive for suggesting that ending DACA is racist.

Federal Court Orders Trump Administration to Reinstate DACA

1/9: A federal district court in California on Tuesday ordered the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to immediately reinstate DACA.

Podcast: New Fight Brewing Over DACA and Border Security, and Oprah 2020?

1/8: With government spending soon to run out, some lawmakers want to attach a DACA “fix” to must-pass legislation. ACRU’s Hans von Spakovsky discusses why such a move would ignore the lessons of history.

Cutting Through the Media’s Falsehoods About ‘Dreamers’

12/28: History shows that providing amnesty will attract even more illegal immigration and won’t solve our enforcement problems.

Jeff Sessions Focused in 2017 on Restoring Rule of Law and Constitutional Rights

12/28: Attorney General Jeff Sessions has had a busy first year as one of President Donald Trump’s earliest and most committed supporters, one who now leads one of the most powerful departments in the federal government.