Time for Time-less Truth

The weekly magazine has evolved into a caricature of left-wing thought.

Lindsey Graham Ready to Go Nuclear for Gorsuch

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that if Democrats tried to filibuster Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court, he would vote for the “constitutional option” to permanently end filibusters of nominees to the nation’s highest court.

Judge Neil Gorsuch Promises Senators He Will Uphold the Constitution as Written

Judge Neil Gorsuch gave his opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee Monday on the first day of hearings on his nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Appeals Court Judges Explain Why Donald Trump’s Immigration Order Is Legal

It is unlikely that the Trump administration will petition the Supreme Court to review this particular decision, which concerned only the first policy, Executive Order 13769.

Why Trump’s Immigration Order Is Legal and Constitutional

An explanation from five good federal judges.

What 2 Obama Judges Got Wrong in Striking Down Travel Executive Order

Two federal judges, both nominated by President Barack Obama, have issued injunctions against President Donald Trump’s revised executive order temporarily restricting travel from six terrorist safe havens in the Middle East and Africa.

‘No Conclusive Evidence of Wrongdoing’

Spooks, leaks and the media’s selective memory.

Federal Court Blocks Trump Admin’s Immigration Executive Order

A second federal judge on Friday blocked President Donald Trump’s new executive order (EO) on immigration travel, while the federal judge who blocked the first EO is reserving judgment on the revised EO.

Hawaii Has No Case Against Revised Travel Executive Order

Trump’s revised executive order is both legal and reasonable.

What the Media Won’t Tell You About Illegal Immigration and Criminal Activity

Every crime committed by an illegal alien is one that would not have occurred if that alien wasn’t in the United States in the first place.