A Tax Reform Tweak With Big-Time Benefits

A generational opportunity to reform taxes should update the tax code for the next generation economy.

Ignorance Versus Stupidity

The bottom line is that each of us is grossly ignorant about the world in which we live.

Walter Williams: Who Wins and Who Loses Under the Current Tax Code?

American Civil Rights Union Policy Board member Walter Williams explains why the tax laws are so unfair to the people who actually pay the most in taxes.

Who Pays What in Taxes?

Politicians exploit public ignorance.

Congress Can Fix Unfair System of Tax Incentives

It’s no secret President Trump is working to create thousands more American energy jobs, reduce regulations on energy producers and restore parity to the tax code.

Conflicting Visions

Despite the fact that people have common goals, we often see them grouped into contentious factions, fighting tooth and nail to promote polar opposite government policies in the name of achieving a commonly held goal.

Energy Week: The Importance of Unrestricted Energy

During this energy week, I applaud the president for taking a stand and supporting access to affordable energy.

A New Twist on Teaching Economics

High schoolers are not the only people who can benefit from the lessons of HipHoponomics. I’d recommend it to our political leadership on both sides of the aisle, media people and teachers.

Overpopulation Hoax

Today’s poverty has little to do with overpopulation.

Trade Ignorance and Demagoguery

If trade deficits were something for a president to fret about, every U.S. president from 1790 to today ought to have been fretting.