Undermining America

The American people need to stop being sheeple and put a halt to the undermining of our nation taking place in our institutions of higher learning.

The Uses and Abuses of Hate

Falsely accusing opponents with hate is a devilish tool of the anti-Christian crew.

Trump DOJ and HHS Issue Major Religious Liberty, Pro-Life Protections

President Donald Trump’s administration kept a major campaign promise on Friday, implementing his Executive Order 13798 by issuing key protections for religious liberty, as well as protecting the unborn.

Klukowski: President Trump Can Win Big Ordering FEMA to Let Churches Help Relief Efforts

President Donald Trump can score a triple win by superseding a policy manual from the Obama administration and allowing churches to help relief efforts in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

Winston Churchill and the NFL Anthem Protests

So now that we’ve reached a climax on the anthem protests, perhaps it’s best for the NFL to get back to football.

Trump’s National Day of Prayer Follows Tradition of Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan

President Donald Trump’s proclamation that Sunday, September 3, shall be a National Day of Prayer for the victims of Hurricane Harvey follows a tradition first established by George Washington.

Federal Court Dismisses Entire Justice Department Mosque Case

The court ruled that because the county had settled with the mosque, the case was done. This means that DOJ won’t be able to probe the Christian pastor for his views on Islam.

Charlottesville Donnybrook

One does not have to accept the racist and nationalist vision of the Unite the Right organization to recognize and respect its First Amendment rights.

Why Are Trump’s Justice Department Appointees Protecting the IRS?

Various media sources have reported that federal District Court Judge Reggie Walton has ordered the IRS to finally respond to various legal requests for information and documents made by the conservative tea party organizations that sued the agency.

Lawyers for Sarah Palin and New York Times Appear Before Federal Judge

Inciting violence is a serious matter. In fact, it can be a crime under both state and federal law.