The Simple Truth Is that Guns Help, Not Hurt, Millions of Americans

Words are inadequate to describe the horror of the Las Vegas shooting. There is evil in the world.

Second Amendment Returns to Supreme Court in Peruta and Binderup

The Second Amendment is virtually certain to be argued before the Supreme Court this fall, as the justices receive two petitions only days apart asking them to apply the right to keep and bear arms.

Chicago Loses Another Gun Case

Allowing guns but banning gun ranges is not a legal way to circumvent the Second Amendment.

Illinois Absolutely Tortured the Law to Restrict Your Second Amendment Rights

When it comes to upholding concealed-carry rights, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has been the only federal appellate court to apply the Second Amendment correctly. Until now.

Will the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Strike Down this Latest Attempt to Strip Citizens of Their 2nd Amendment?

The District’s latest attempt to make it as hard as possible for people to get concealed carry licenses now lies in the hands of three federal appellate court judges and their view of the Second Amendment.

Eureka! Texas Court Reminds Liberal Professors that Our Rights Don’t Cancel Each Other Out

This entire case was based on hyperbolic fears about gun owners.

Smashing Due Process on Gun Control Is No Way to Fight Terrorism

The key to stopping these types of horrendous terrorist attacks is better counterterrorism policies, not more gun control.

Taking Away Constitutional Rights at the Discretion of the Government

If Congress truly wants to bolster our counter-terrorism efforts, they should concentrate on strengthening the investigative tools that can be used by law enforcement.

Second Amendment Becomes a Second Class Right in California

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has held that “the Second Amendment does not preserve or protect a right of a member of the general public to carry concealed firearms in public.”

Judge Ignores Federal Law and Allows Sandy Hook Gun Case to Proceed

The decision on April 14 by Connecticut Superior Court Judge Barbara N. Bellis refusing to dismiss the lawsuit filed against gun manufacturers by the parents is plainly wrong as a matter of law.