Von Spakovsky: Playing Politics Is Not Unconstitutional

There aren’t many issues the U.S. Supreme Court has managed to sidestep, but political gerrymandering is one of them. Until now.

Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the Law

Did their arrangement violate legal limits on coordination between a candidate and a party?

Visit the Marine Corps Museum

The Quantico institution showcases 242 years of bravery and valor.

7 Questions the Justice Department Must Answer About Uranium One and Clinton Foundation

While the media’s attention has shifted to the indictment of Paul Manafort, the Obama administration’s handling of the Uranium One “bribery plot” raises serious, critical questions that must be answered.

Scott Pruitt Ends an Obama Administration Abuse of Power

The EPA administrator has announced he will end the ‘sue and settle’ scheme implemented by his predecessors.

The Right Side of History: War on the Electoral College Shows That Progressives Don’t Care About Middle America

Hans Von Spakovsky explains to the Right Side of History Podcast why the Founders created our electoral system and how the 2016 election actually shows that it works.

Early Voting Disadvantages Seem to Outweigh Benefits

Early voting is a “reform” that states should reconsider. Its disadvantages seem to outweigh its benefits.

Russian Hacking Didn’t Alter Election

No credible evidence has been produced.

The Costs of Early Voting

Until the late 1980s, Americans had two ways to vote: (1) in person on Election Day, or (2) absentee ballots sent through the mail or voted in person at county election departments prior to Election Day.

The Electoral College: A Safeguard for Stable Elections

Those who want to junk the Electoral College now claim that it’s a “threat” to our national security.