Donald J. Trump v. International Refugee Assistance Project; Donald J. Trump v. Hawaii

The legal challenges to President Trump’s immigration executive order regarding terror-prone nations should be dismissed from court for all the reasons the U.S. Justice Department explains in its Supreme Court legal brief.

ACLU: Maui Is One Big Outdoor Bathroom

There’s trouble in paradise.

Kennedy Stops Race-Based Election in Hawaii

ACRU’s Supreme Court Brief Asked for a Halt to State’s “Brazenly” Discriminatory Vote.

Breaking: Supreme Court Blocks Racially Discriminatory Hawaii Election

Interests on Hawaii are attempting to set up a new government representing the “colonized” native Hawaiians. They do not view American sovereignty as legitimate.

Hawaiians Protest Vote on Future Tribal Plan

A group of Hawiians asked the Supreme Court to temporarily stop the completion of an election until their challenge can be decided.

The Appeal of Hawaii’s Discriminatory Election Goes to the High Court

The discriminatory registration and voting process set up by the Native Hawaiian Roll Commission and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, violates basic standards of fairness and equality as well as the Voting Rights Act.

ACRU Asks Supreme Court to Stop Race-Based Registration and Election

Hawaii’s Actions “Brazenly” Violate 15th Amendment, Brief States

Akina, et al. v. State of Hawaii

Hawaii’s Actions “Brazenly” Violate 15th Amendment, Brief States ALEXANDRIA, VA (Nov. 24, 2015) —- An emergency injunction is needed to stop a race-based election now underway in Hawaii and ending Nov. 30, a brief filed today at the U.S. Supreme Court by the American Civil Rights Union argues. “The government has been operating a brazenly racially based voter registration process,”…

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ACRU Asks Court to Stop Race-Based Registration and Election

Hawaii’s Actions Violate 15th Amendment, Brief States.

Obama Administration Defends Hawaiian Separatism in Federal Court

Instead of opposing racial classifications and racial division, the Obama administration is doing what it does best: taking sides against American traditions of equality and unity.