Hollywood Left and Never-Trumpers Unite to Hound President

7/25: They do this because they don’t like Trump personally. He triggers them.

Adams: We Need to Protect Our Elections from All Threats

7/21: ACRU Policy Board Member J. Christian Adams explains why we need to worry about domestic and foreign threats to our election integrity.

Adams: The Coming War Over the Constitution

7/19: The coming fight over Brett Kavanaugh will feature two sides with almost nothing left in common.

Adams: Little House on the Racist Prairie

6/28: The Left is going after another great American treasure: Laura Ingalls Wilder and her beloved Little House on the Prairie collection.

IG Report: FBI Agent Said Trump Voters ‘Poor, Uneducated, Lazy, POS’

6/14: The Justice Department inspector general released a 500-plus page report on misconduct by FBI agents and DOJ staff working on the Hillary Clinton investigations.

Adams on Supreme Court’s Latest Verdict

6/11: ACRU Policy Board Member J. Christian Adams speaks to Larry O’Connor on the Supreme Court’s verdict regarding Ohio’s right to cleanup its voter rolls.

The Left Transforms America by Transforming the Rules

5/23: Most of us remember a time not long ago when the Constitution and the Rule of Law weren’t under open attack by so many institutions.

Adams: “Controversial” New Hampshire Law Is Common Sense

5/17: ACRU Policy Board Member J. Christian Adams explains why the controversial New Hampshire voter laws are perfectly reasonable.

Adams: Just Go: Rod Rosenstein Becomes Marvin K. Mooney

4/13: This week, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has become Marvin K. Mooney – the bewildered unwanted Dr. Seuss character.

Adams: DOJ Inspector General Finding: McCabe ‘Lacked Candor’ Under Oath

4/13: The report from the Department of Justice inspector general on Andrew McCabe is out.