ACRU’s Hans von Spakovsky Speaks on the Reality of DACA

ACRU Policy Board member Hans von Spakovskyy joins Frank Gaffney’s podcast to speak on the truth behind the DACA.

Rod Rosenstein Overcome by Soros Swamp Gas

What’s clear is that Rod Rosenstein has been overcome by swamp gas.

NYT: Culling Voter Rolls: Battling Over Who Even Gets to Go to the Polls

On Nov. 25, the New York Times ran an article by Michael Wines citing the ACRU that examines the nationwide battle over cleaning up voter rolls.

J. Christian Adams: Democrat Member Sues Commission

Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap has falsely accused the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity of leaving him out of the process, according to fellow commissioner and ACRU Policy Board member J. Christian Adams on Fox & Friends.

One Democrat on Trump’s Electoral Integrity Commission Is Misleading the Public with Complaints About Its Work

We are saddened that Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap, our colleague on the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, has filed a widely-reported complaint against the commission.

Securing the Vote: How Efforts to Prevent Fraud, and Voting Rights, Collide

Conservative watchdog groups in several states have filed suit to seek more aggressive action to remove ineligible voters from election rolls, while liberal advocacy and voting rights groups have filed lawsuits of their own.

U.S. Embassies Around World Still Refuse to Hang Trump Portrait, Swamp Still in Control

In multiple embassies around the world, particularly those staffed entirely by career Foreign Service officers, no portrait of President Trump or Vice President Pence has been hung.

Sayfullo Saipov, Winner of Chuck’s Diversity Lottery

Senator Schumer is playing left-wing immigration politics with America’s safety, and America keeps paying the price.

Video: J. Christian Adams Talks About Draining The Swamp

ACRU Policy Board member J. Christian Adams spoke to Judge Jeanine Pirro on Fox News about what President Trump must do to drain the swamp.

Alien Voter Sighting: Meet Kassiah Kamara

Elites and a disgraced attorney general tell us there is no serious problem with voter fraud.