Stopping Obama’s Time Bomb: The First Tax Increase of the Trump Era

In just six weeks, the first tax increase of the Trump era goes into effect, a delayed, time-released tax hike that President Obama left as a parting gift for his successor.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman: A Harbinger of Hope to Saudi Youth

Only time will tell if this transformation will take root, but what is clear is that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman wants his people to know that he’s in this fight for better or worse.

VIDEO: ACRU’s Ken Blackwell Speaks on Tax Policies

ACRU Senior Fellow Ken Blackwell discusses the Republican tax reform plan with Lou Dobbs.

A Tax Reform Tweak With Big-Time Benefits

A generational opportunity to reform taxes should update the tax code for the next generation economy.

The Tragedy In Yemen: The Rest Of The Story

I’m shocked by the UN’s decision to censure Saudi Arabia for its actions in Yemen.

S’No Flake in 2018

The media is treating Flake and Corker like heroic martyrs. But after next year’s election they will be forgotten.

All Hat, No Decency

Texans have a saying for people who talk big but act small: All hat, no cattle.

Christopher Columbus: His Influence On A Brave New World Should Be Celebrated

The usual suspects have discovered that Christopher Columbus was no 21st century liberal.

The Simple Truth Is that Guns Help, Not Hurt, Millions of Americans

Words are inadequate to describe the horror of the Las Vegas shooting. There is evil in the world.

Trump and Moore: Agents Of Change

Donald Trump was elected president. Establishment politicians, Washington pundits, foreign governments, and just about everyone else was shocked, even horrified.