LaRue: Trump Battles Back Against Unfair Press

8/9: ACRU Senior Legal Analyst Jan LaRue breaks down the media’s hysterical reaction to President Trump defending himself against hyperbolic attacks.

LaRue: Defend the Second Amendment Like You Would the First

3/16: ACRU Senior Legal Analyst Jan LaRue wonders why liberals don’t decry the First Amendment the way they do the Second Amendment.

James Comey: The Cowering Inferno

There’s a headline AARP should be hyping to seniors everywhere: “Giant Terrorist Tracker Cowered by 70-Year-Old.”

Will Vulnerable Democrats Drown in Schumer’s ‘Mainstream’?

Gorsuch’s record reveals his commitment to uphold the Constitution and laws as written, not those Schumer imagines.

DOJ Strong-Arms Local Law Enforcement

Apparently, Lynch and Gupta don’t believe the adage, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

Americans Have Elected Sinners since Our Founding

Because the Founders recognized man’s sinful nature, they created a Constitution with limited government and separation of powers—sinners checking and balancing sinners.

Americans Affirm Voter ID Laws

How long before a McAuliffe-favored-felon seeks a court order restoring his right to own a gun?

Obama Collaborates with Madness

“What would Jesus do?” According to President Obama, Christ would open public school bathrooms to students based on their gender identity instead of their biological sex.

When Big Bad Brother Becomes the ‘Heckler’

Will Big Brother impose mandatory treatment for individuals with climate change denial disorder?

Bathroom Boycotts Flush Safety of Women and Girls

It makes sense if you’ve left your brain in San Francisco.