Sitting on Their Hands

The first Republican president in eight years, who enjoys a GOP-controlled Congress which George W. Bush lost, provided an optimistic blueprint for governing.

President Trump Must Make Sure Foreign Governments Play by the Rules

In his first ever address to a joint-session of Congress, President Donald Trump took a firm stand on the side of the American people.

Why the Democrats Sit on Their Hands

President Donald Trump has spoken to Congress and the nation. He provided Americans with a positive vision and offered realistic solutions, with an overriding theme to bring people together to make America great again.

How the Market Can Fix Health Care

Foolish government intervention created the unholy healthcare mess.

Time for Trump to Make His Acting FTC Chair Permanent

After a stunning election win, President Trump is off to a fast start implementing major change.

Neil Gorsuch: The President’s Home Run for the Supreme Court

Gorsuch, like Scalia, believes that the Constitution actually means something, rather than being a meaningless collection of words to be tortured until they confess to the desired result.

Supreme Court Nominee Fits Well in the Mainstream

I like Gorsuch’s chances, given his well-established views on the rule of law in general and religious liberty in particular.

Election Integrity Can’t Wait

Election integrity cannot be delayed. The closer it gets to the next election, the more the Democrats will turn it into a political football.

Video: Ken Blackwell Speaks on Trump Nominations for Cabinet and Court

ACRU Senior Fellow and Policy Board member J. Kenneth Blackwell spoke to Neil Cavuto about the boycotts and bad behavior of the democrats during the Trump administration’s cabinet and court nominations.

Donald Trump Won the Respect Vote

Is Donald Trump the “legitimate” president? Absolutely.