The NFL’s Hail Mary

Faced with plummeting attendance and TV ratings, the National Football League brain trust has come up with another beauty: Let’s throw millions of dollars at left wing political causes.

A Hard Look at a Holder Holdover

One of the biggest challenges facing the president in draining the Washington Swamp is ferreting out the activists who continue to pursue a progressive agenda in federal agencies.

An American Tradition

Here at the ACRU, we wish you and yours a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

Socialism’s Predictable Outcomes

Socialism’s greatest outcomes are very predictable – misery, murder and refugees.

Yes, Virginia, There Is Vote Fraud

If ever there were an election that proved the importance of accurate voter rolls, it was Virginia’s on Nov. 7.

The Bergdahl Liberals

The proffered solution of the Bergdahl progressives to any and all inequality is to make America more like the rest of the world, not less.

Cultural Marxism and Its Discontents

In its push to ‘cure inequality’ the left busily destroys traditional values.

‘Whackapedia’ and Its Error Fest

To a new generation Wikipedia is Britannica, but without factual safeguards.

The ACLU’s Selective Compassion

How unaccompanied children in this country illegally are getting abortions.

The Uses and Abuses of Hate

Falsely accusing opponents with hate is a devilish tool of the anti-Christian crew.