Ignoring the Signs in Alexandria: Baseball, Bullets, and Bloodshed

Don’t expect genuine and civil debates about voter fraud, election integrity, or the very real threat of alien voting in our elections before June 15, or after June 15. Name calling is easier than substantive discussion.

Democrats’ Hoodwinking of Blacks

Ask any black person which political party has been black people’s political ally. With near unanimity, blacks would answer the Democratic Party.

The ACLU’s Army of Ex-Cons

Former prison inmates canvass voters and press for the ACLU’s radical agenda.

Sheer Lunacy on Campus

Parents, taxpayers and donors have little idea of the levels of lunacy, evil and lawlessness that have become features of many of today’s institutions of higher learning.

Madness on the March in Indonesia, Harvard and Clemson

God bless the United States – or at least what it used to be.

The Method to PC Madness

Anyone with an opposing view must be silenced.

Pawns of Liberals

Ordinary black people cannot afford to go along with the liberal agenda that calls for undermining police authority.

Left Uses Violence but Decries ‘Speech as Violence’

Respect for faith and family trumps ‘the power of the people’.

Lower Conduct Standards for Liberals

Republicans and conservatives, including President Trump, should not gripe or whine about different treatment by the liberal media. Magnanimity commands that we have compassion and try to understand our fallen brethren.

The Long Game: Why Democrats Turned Sessions’ Hearing into a Show Trial

The political appointees selected by the new administration need the same defiant, relentless, and devil-may-care attitude as their ultimate boss, Donald J. Trump.