ACORN in San Diego

James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles took their investigation of ACORN to San Diego where they found an ACORN lawyer willing to help them smuggle their underage prostitutes.

John Armor: Anchor Babies, Away

The Constitution is simple, short and easy to read. There is no excuse for any reporter to write about it, without reading it. The latest example is an article about anchor babies in the Orlando Sentinel today (29 September) by Jim Stratton. The article concerns a comment about anchor babies by Fred Thompson, Republican candidate for President. If you haven’t…

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John Armor: Judging the Judges, and the Reporters

On 24 September, the New York Times published an article on the decision of the Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago, which approved the Indiana voter ID law in January, in a divided decision. The losing plaintiffs asked the whole circuit to rehear the case, which it just rejected, so the decision stands. Both dissenting Judge Terence T. Evans in…

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Second Open Letter to the Guilford County School Board

Below is the text of my follow-up letter on behalf of the American Civil Rights Union to the Guilford County School Board of North Carolina. (My first letter, dated August 27, 2007, may be found here.) September 10, 2007 Dear School Board Member: I am submitting these comments regarding the proposed rules concerning meetings of the Boy Scouts of America…

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Time To Block Grant Medicaid, SCHIP

Here’s my latest article at Forbes: The promises made by our current Federal entitlement programs would require Federal taxes and spending to double by 2040 as a percent of gross domestic product. The Democrat response: Add new entitlements. Congressional Democrats are moving to double Federal spending on the State Children’s Health Insurance program (SCHIP), quite explicitly on their way to…

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Open Letter to the Guilford County School Board

Below is the text of my letter on behalf of the American Civil Rights Union to the Guilford County School Board of North Carolina, in response to their plans to suppress the recruiting efforts and meetings of the Boy Scouts in the county’s school districts: August 27, 2007 Dear School Board Member: We understand that the Guilford County School Board…

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Indiana United Way Cuts Off Scouts

In what has become increasingly common tactic, the St. Joseph County United Way in Indiana has cut off funding the Scouts because Scouting no longer meets the new criteria for funding programs. The United Way has decided to focus on dealing with “conflict resolution” in the youth programs it supports and, unaccountably, it has rejected the Scout program because it…

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Philadelphia City Council Votes to Charge Scouts

Without any prior notification, the Philadelphia City Council voted 16-1 on May 31st to authorize the city to end the lease with the Cradle of Liberty Scout Council for the headquarters building the city has leased to the Scouts since 1928. The lease, which is below current market value, was supposedly to be in force “in perpetuity.” The city is…

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Demonstrators Protest at Scout National Meeting

Protesters, including some in Scout uniforms, organized by the homosexual activist organization Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) demonstrated outside the Scouts’ national meeting in Atlanta. They were demanding that the Scouts change their policy on excluding openly homosexual individuals from Scouting. For PFLAG’s press release, click here. As a rule, we do not publicize anti-Scouting propaganda, but we…

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Border Security in Wonderland

Perhaps last week’s top news story, not counting whatever Rosie O’Donnell and Lindsay Lohan were doing, was the story of Andrew Speaker, the Atlanta personal injury lawyer who decided it would be a good idea to fly a few thousand miles here and there notwithstanding his knowing that he had a virulent form of tuberculosis. The passengers cooped up with…

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