Election Integrity Can’t Wait

Election integrity cannot be delayed. The closer it gets to the next election, the more the Democrats will turn it into a political football.

Notorious Mississippi County to Clean Up Voter Rolls

Consent decree reached in lawsuit filed by the American Civil Rights Union over Noxubee County’s Corrupted Registration Records.

ACRU Warns More Texas Counties

“If they don’t clean up their rolls, they risk being sued.” – ACRU Chairman Susan A. Carleson

Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss ACRU’s Broward Suit

The ACRU filed the lawsuit in June based on evidence that the county has more people registered to vote than the number of citizen age-eligible residents.

Video: Why Voter Fraud Needs to Be Addressed

ACRU Policy Board member J. Christian Adams speaks to Fox News on the need to address voter corruption.

VIDEO: Dead Men Voting: Who Are They Casting Their Ballots For?

ACRU Policy Board member J. Christian Adams speaks to Fox News on voting corruption.

What’s Wrong with Honest Elections?

Again state legislatures have approved new rules to prevent election fraud. Again federal courts have struck the laws down.

COUNTERPOINT: Should Automatic Voter Registration Be Enacted in Illinois?

No, state’s pending legislation will damage election integrity.

ACRU Sues Broward over Voter Rolls

Florida’s Second Largest County Has More than 100 Percent of Residents Registered to Vote.

ACRU Sues Philadelphia over Voting Records

The complaint against Philadelphia is the first lawsuit the ACRU has brought in Pennsylvania under the NVRA.