Shock Claim: Florida County Has ‘Thousands’ of Voters Over Age 100

State’s second-most populous jurisdiction being sued in federal court for failure to maintain voter rolls.

Broward’s Voting Rolls Challenged by Conservative Group

Broward County could have thousands of ineligible voters on its rolls, increasing the risk of voter fraud, because its election officials don’t do enough to keep the lists accurate, according to the ACRU.

Western Values Are Superior

Intellectual elites argue that different cultures and their values are morally equivalent. That’s ludicrous.

Leaders Push Senate to Pass Bill to Protect Mid-East Christians

Statesmen and policy heavyweights called upon the Senate to vote on House-passed bill H.R. 390 to protect persecuted Christians in Iraq and Syria, at a reception honoring former Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA).

Trump Assembles Federal Commission to Investigate Voter Fraud

Members of this commission, including me, have already been subjected to vicious and defamatory personal attacks.

President Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission Meets, Smeared by Deniers

All it took to forget that civility was cool was for the President’s Commission on Election Integrity to hold their first meeting.


Too many people believe that slavery is a “peculiar institution.”

The ACLU’s Attack on Election Integrity

By attacking the presidential advisory commission, the organization tips its liberal hand.

It’s Time to Clean Up Our Elections

The integrity of our electoral system is paramount, and the ACLU should care about that instead of harassing those of us asked by the president to help assess the problem and propose solutions.

Obama-Appointed ‘Ethics’ Officer Resigns – Good Riddance

When a partisan member of the bureaucratic swamp resigns, that’s something to cheer about.