President’s Panel on Vote Fraud Appoints Third ACRU Policy Board Member

J. Christian Adams, a former prosecutor in the Justice Department’s Voting Section and American Civil Rights Union’s Policy Board member, has been appointed to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

The ACLU’s Attack on Election Integrity

By attacking the presidential advisory commission, the organization tips its liberal hand.

Exclusive: Ken Blackwell: ACLU Lawsuit Against Trump and Election Commission ‘Attack on the Rule of Law’

The ACLU sued President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity accusing the commission of violating federal transparency laws.

Federal Appeals Court: Trump EPA Cannot Delay Obama EPA Methane Rule

A federal appeals court in Washington, DC, last week claimed the power to override President Donald Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency when the agency reconsiders an Obama-era regulation.

The Serpents Are Surfacing

The president has given no sign of giving in. His appointees must demonstrate equal commitment.

The Real News from Poland

Many in the media continue to paint the president as only a bungling incompetent boob.

Where Are The Decent Liberals?

President Donald Trump’s critics fixate on his tweets and then wonder why he spends so much time responding to their attacks.

Energy Week: The Importance of Unrestricted Energy

During this energy week, I applaud the president for taking a stand and supporting access to affordable energy.

Trump’s Travel Ban: Don’t Be Fooled, the Supreme Court Handed the President a Big Victory This Week

There seems to be some debate over the extent of the victory that the Trump administration won on Monday when the Supreme Court stayed (or lifted) almost all of the injunctions issued against his revised executive order.

Regime Change in Iran Appears Increasingly Attainable

Thirty years after President Reagan seized upon an historic opportunity to bring down the Iron Curtain, there are growing indications that President Trump can make similarly historic strides in the conflict between the US and the new Evil of our time: Islamic extremism.