America’s Real Civil Rights History

Democrats claim that they have always supported equal rights for black Americans and that Republicans are racists who always oppose them.

What Do Leftists Celebrate?

For those who see Marx as their hero, there are a few historical tidbits they might find interesting.

Pawns of Liberals

Ordinary black people cannot afford to go along with the liberal agenda that calls for undermining police authority.

‘Civil Whites Act’: White-Guilt Sunday Brunch Begins in Philadelphia

The first white-guilt brunch is this coming Sunday, January 15. But beware, participants might have some trouble getting in.

What Can Discrimination Explain?

As Booker T. Washington long ago observed, “there is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public.

Leadership Matters

Moral relativism at the top has distorted the meaning of justice.

Clinton and Sanders and Progressivism

It’s only historical ignorance that could explain black affinity for progressivism.

Ted Cruz Best Choice to End Lawlessness at Justice Department

Of the remaining Republican presidential candidates, Senator Ted Cruz is the best choice to repair the mess that Eric Holder and Barack Obama have left at the United States Department of Justice.

Misleading and Using Blacks

The issue for black parents is not whether their sons and daughters should be admitted to an elite college. The issue is whether their sons and daughters should be admitted to a college where they would not be admitted if they were white.

Exaggerating and Distorting the News ‘While Black’

Bland asserted that she was stopped while taking a walk in her neighborhood simply because she has “a brown face in an affluent neighborhood.”