Supreme Court May Side with Christian Baker in Same-Sex Wedding Cake Case

Religious-liberty activists and conservative Christian groups are optimistic after oral arguments on Tuesday at the U.S. Supreme Court in a case that squarely pits constitutional rights against LGBT activists.

ACLU: Force Catholic Hospital to Aid in ‘Sex Change’

So for the ACLU, the idea of “choice” is so yesterday. Now it’s “do it our way, or else.”

Why Justice Gorsuch Will Have an Immediate (and Big) Impact on the Supreme Court

Gorsuch’s confirmation means that the court once again has the crucial fifth vote needed to sustain the Constitution as written.

Freeing Religion from Government’s Grip

Trump must overturn the Obama order that discriminates against those who stand by their beliefs.

U.S. Should Favor the Most Vulnerable Religious Refugees

The purpose is not to discriminate against Islam, but to recognize the unique situation of non-Muslims in the Middle East.

Firing the ‘Diversity’ Bullet at the Marines

Dying in foreign lands in the service of a nation that enshrines freedom of religion in its Constitution doesn’t cut any mustard with the irreligious left.

Fake Justice and the Rise of a New Religion

The only cure for this existential threat is to assert strongly the unalienable rights granted to us by nature and nature’s God. We need to work and pray so that real justice replaces the fake variety.

Attorney General Meese: Lawyers’ Ethics Rule Is Fascist, Anti-Christian

If ABA adopts this new rule, many states will quickly follow suit, and observant Christians in those states can be targeted for elimination from the legal profession.

Latest Assault on Religious Freedom: Illinois Abortion Bill Restricts Doctors and May Violate Federal Law

This attempt at government coercion to force violations of conscience is a basic assault on the First Amendment and the religious freedom rights on which this country was founded.

The Dawn of Totalitolerance

The left despises free speech, except for obscenity.