Spakovsky: Mueller’s Indictments Show No Collusion

2/16: ACRU Policy Board Member Hans von Spakovsky explains why Mueller’s latest indictments prove there was no collusion between Russia and the Trump administration.

Russian Hacking Didn’t Alter Election

No credible evidence has been produced.

Adam Schiff Threatens to Violate Constitution – Twice – with Independent Counsel

Schiff is threatening to take action that the Supreme Court has clearly and repeatedly held unconstitutional.

The Sessions Inquisition Comes Up Empty: Trump Unscathed After Attorney General’s Testimony

As disappointed as Democrats were by James Comey’s testimony last week, they were probably even more disappointed Tuesday by their inability to get anything damaging on President Trump from Attorney General Sessions.

James Comey: The Cowering Inferno

There’s a headline AARP should be hyping to seniors everywhere: “Giant Terrorist Tracker Cowered by 70-Year-Old.”

Comey Testimony: The Five Most Important Takeaways

James Comey raised quite a furor in his testimony on Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee – albeit not the kind the left had anticipated.

Calls for Special Prosecutor Driven by Politics, Not Law

Calls for a special counsel to pursue a possible Russia investigation are dead wrong on the law, as are calls for Attorney General Jeff Sessions not to advise President Trump on selecting a new FBI director.

Klukowski: Sessions Recusal an Act of Statesmanship

Democrats’ overcaffeinated cries over Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ statements on Russian contacts is an attempt to obfuscate the plain truth.

U.S. Senator Colludes With Russians to Influence Presidential Election

Yes, a United States senator really did collude with the Russians to influence the outcome of a presidential election. His name was Ted Kennedy.

Get Real, Democrats, There Is No Good Reason for Sessions to Resign

Talk about “over the top”! The overblown rhetoric accompanying calls for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ resignation reveals that Thursday’s brouhaha is driven by mere political grandstanding, not a real concern over unlawful behavior.