Tom Cotton: Senate Democrats Must Be Reasonable or Face ‘Martial Law’

Sen. Tom Cotton threw down the gauntlet to Senate Democrats on Thursday, telling the Federalist Society that Democrats would either agree to reasonable conditions for confirming President Donald Trump’s nominees.

Donald Trump Announces Five More Names for Supreme Court List

President Donald Trump added five judges to his list of potential Supreme Court justices on Friday, as the White House prepares for the possibility of a vacancy on the nation’s highest court before the 2018 elections.

Supreme Court Takes Free Speech Cases on Abortion, Property Rights, Gadsden Flag, and Voter ID

The Supreme Court added three political-speech cases on Monday to its oral argument docket this year.

Supreme Court Dismisses Another Challenge to Trump Travel Ban

The U.S. Supreme Court dismissed the final case pending before it involving President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban policy.

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Ten Commandments Case

The Supreme Court on Monday denied review in a major constitutional case involving a Ten Commandments display.

Supreme Court Takes Microsoft Case Involving Privacy and Global Communications

The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear a major case on digital privacy and global communications.

List of Denials from Review Requests at Supreme Court Is 66 Pages Long

The Supreme Court on Monday issued orders denying review in well over 1,000 cases that had been petitioned for the justices to take up over the past three months.

Klukowski: Scalia Says Bills to Protect Special Counsel from Firing are Unconstitutional

The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on Tuesday on legislation that would limit the ability of a president or attorney general to fire a special counsel who has been appointed to investigate high-ranking government officials.

Supreme Court Kicks Off Annual Term Filled with Big Cases

The Supreme Court on Monday begins an annual term that will tackle a host of hot-button issues, the impact of which the nation will feel for many years to come.

Supreme Court Will Hear Major Free Speech Case Against Unions

The Supreme Court on Thursday added 11 new cases to its docket for this year, including one that appears certain to be a major blow to public-sector unions.