ACRU Thanks House Chairman for Holding Hearing on Importance of Voting List Maintenance

ACRU Chairman and CEO Susan Carleson sent a letter to Rep. Gregg Harper, chairman of the Committee on House Administration, thanking him for holding a hearing that highlighted the crucial issue of keeping voter lists accurate.

The Senate Must Swiftly Confirm Russ Vought

The Conservative Action Project, including ACRU chairman Susan Carleson, released a memo urging the senate to take swift action confirming Russ Vought.

Where Are the Statues of the First Blacks in Congress?

The House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi now wants to tear down all the Confederacy-related statues in the U.S. Capitol, in solidarity with the Antifa (anti-Fascist) movement.

We Support Jeff Sessions

ACRU chairman Susan Carleson signed the Conservative Action Project’s memo supporting the attorney general.

ACRU Applauds Supreme Court’s Ruling to Hear ‘Travel Ban’ Case

The lower courts had misapplied the First Amendment and interfered with the president’s constitutional executive power.

ACRU Salutes President Trump for New Commission on Election Integrity

“Vote fraud is a cancer on our democratic system.” – Susan A. Carleson, American Civil Rights Union chairman and CEO

The Art of Protecting the Poor

President Donald Trump has taken the helm and the federal government will not be the same again.

The ACRU Joins the Conservative Action Project in Saying ‘No’ to Earmarks

ACRU Chairman and CEO Susan Carleson signed this memo urging House members to uphold the ban on earmarks.

ACRU Warns More Texas Counties

“If they don’t clean up their rolls, they risk being sued.” – ACRU Chairman Susan A. Carleson

Memo for the Movement – Congress Should Not Hold a Lame Duck Session

The American people want, and should have, good representation by their elected officials.