Ted Cruz at CPAC Creates Buzz of Next SCOTUS Pick

Many CPAC-goers are wondering if Cruz might be President Trump’s next pick for the Supreme Court.

The Path to Post-Convention Unity

Republicans need to work together to win in November.

Principle, Federalism, And Passion: GOP Needs All Three To Win And Govern

When they vote in the final primaries Republicans should consider which GOP contender could handle all three roles. We must put forth our best candidate in November.

The Art of Standing on Principle

Some issues are too important for dealmaking.

Embracing the Socialist

For Democrats, God’s a fading factor.

Ted Cruz Best Choice to End Lawlessness at Justice Department

Of the remaining Republican presidential candidates, Senator Ted Cruz is the best choice to repair the mess that Eric Holder and Barack Obama have left at the United States Department of Justice.

There’s More to Being President Than Deal-Making

Politically we appear to be living in the year of the outsider. Donald Trump has shocked the established political class and its loyal journalistic following.

Donald Trump’s Clownish ‘Get a Declaratory Judgment’ Taunt of Ted Cruz

We’ve had a president for seven years comfortable with edicts. Trump’s comments on this manufactured birther controversy resemble someone else’s disregard for legal institutions that restrain government power.

This Should Settle Cruz Eligibility for the Trump Tribe

The Court made it crystal clear that American citizenship is defined only two ways – by the 14th Amendment and congressional statutes.

Donald Trump: Ted Cruz Needs Court Ruling on Citizenship; A GOP Candidate Must Sue Him

Donald Trump told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Thursday night that he believes Sen. Ted Cruz should get a declaratory judgment from a federal court, ruling that Cruz is a natural born citizen eligible to run for president.