Klukowski: Fourth Circuit Strikes Down Travel Ban

2/15: ACRU General Counsel Ken Klukowski speaks on why the Fourth Circuit struck down the Trump administration’s travel ban.

VIDEO: ACRU Policy Board Member Ken Blackwell Defends Donald Trump to MSNBC

12/30: ACRU’s Policy Board member Ken Blackwell joins a panel on MSNBC reviewing race relations after President Trump’s first year in office.

No More Free Lunch

President Trump’s workfare proposal demonstrates that he is busy doing what is important for Americans. Congress should join him.

Comey Testimony: The Five Most Important Takeaways

James Comey raised quite a furor in his testimony on Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee – albeit not the kind the left had anticipated.

Last Mango In Paris

It’s as refreshing as a tropical mango smoothie to finally have someone in Washington who is standing up for America instead of the mythical “international community.”

The Comey Show: Will There Be Fireworks? Not if He Follows the Law

Those expecting explosive political revelations may be disappointed if Comey follows the law and the rules and regulations governing his testimony.

Infrastructure Requires Electrical Grid Expansion For National Security, Jobs

Let’s get those coal fired utilities back up and running along the Ohio River Valley as a true infrastructure priority.

The OPEC Meeting Reminds Us: Pursue True Energy Security

Let this meeting serve as a reminder to us in the United States that although our energy security has improved, there is far more to be done to protect us from the machinations of this cartel, and the other economic and security consequences of our oil dependence.

Rachel Brand Confirmed as #3 at Justice Dept.

The Senate on Thursday confirmed President Donald Trump’s nomination of Rachel Brand as associate attorney general, the third-highest position at the U.S. Department of Justice.

Calls for Special Prosecutor Driven by Politics, Not Law

Calls for a special counsel to pursue a possible Russia investigation are dead wrong on the law, as are calls for Attorney General Jeff Sessions not to advise President Trump on selecting a new FBI director.