The Obstruction of a Vital Election Integrity Commission

1/9: The commission may be dissolved, but the mandate from mainstream Americans to protect the integrity of our elections remains.

Yes, Virginia, There Is Vote Fraud

If ever there were an election that proved the importance of accurate voter rolls, it was Virginia’s on Nov. 7.

What GOP Must Learn from the 12 Reasons Virginia Went Democrat in 2017

Much of the commentary on Election Day 2017 is misinformed or only half of the picture.

Alien Invasion: Thousands of Foreigners Registered to Vote (and Voting) in Virginia

Some inside the Beltway are in a froth about foreign influence in our elections.

Voter Fraud Oughta be a Crime

Undermines fair and honest elections

J. Christian Adams Talks Voter Fraud with WMAL

J. Christian Adams discusses the role voter fraud could play in this election.

Yes Virginia, Aliens Are Registered or Voting… and in Pennsylvania, by the Thousands

Laziness can no longer explain it away. Something more dangerous is corroding our system.

Virginia Dems Blocking the Truth about 100s of Non-Citizens Engaged in Voter Fraud

We have no idea how many other non-citizens remain undetected in the voter rolls of Virginia, where the state takes no steps of any kind to verify the citizenship status of voter registrants.

Felons Shouldn’t Get Automatic Voting Rights

Felons should be allowed to vote, but not until they have proven they are now willing to abide by society’s rules.

Americans Affirm Voter ID Laws

How long before a McAuliffe-favored-felon seeks a court order restoring his right to own a gun?