ACRU Attorney Linda Kerns Speaks on Election Laws in Philadelphia

3/25: ACRU attorney Linda Kerns speaks the problems with election laws in Philadelphia.

VIDEO: Starr County District Attorney Testifies on Voter Fraud in Texas

2/27: Starr County’s District Attorney testifies before the Texas Senate Select Committee on Election Security.

Third Arrest as Starr County Voter Fraud Investigation Expands

2/8: Belinda Garcia turned herself into Starr County’s Special Crimes Unit as the Texas County’s voter fraud investigation continues.

Starr County DA Prompts Texas AG to Join Its Voter Fraud Investigation

2/6: Starr County District Attorney Omar Escobar welcomes help from the Texas Attorney General in his voter fraud investigation.

Texas Attorney General Supports Starr County Investigation

2/6: The Texas Attorney General’s office published a letter supporting the Starr County voter fraud investigation.

Second Arrest in Texas Voter Fraud Case

2/3: The Starr County voter fraud investigation expands as the DA orders a second arrest.

Ballot Destruction in Wasserman Schultz Race

1/25: The ACRU has a federal lawsuit pending against Supervisor Snipes for encouraging vote fraud by not adequately maintaining Broward County’s voter registration rolls.

Border County DA Pledges Crackdown on Voter Fraud

1/20: A Texas border county district attorney says he is going to crack down on voter fraud and is conducting investigations.

Starr DA Investigating Voter Fraud Ahead of March Primaries

1/19: An investigation into voter fraud is ongoing in Starr County, according to 229th District Attorney Omar Escobar.

The Obstruction of a Vital Election Integrity Commission

1/9: The commission may be dissolved, but the mandate from mainstream Americans to protect the integrity of our elections remains.