ACRU Salutes President Trump for New Commission on Election Integrity

“Vote fraud is a cancer on our democratic system.” – Susan A. Carleson, American Civil Rights Union chairman and CEO

President Donald Trump’s Man to Stop Election Fraud: Ken Blackwell

In the 2016 presidential campaign, we saw problems with questionable voter registration and mass fraud.

President Trump Expected to Launch Commission on ‘Election Integrity’

ACRU Senior Fellow and Policy Board member J. Kenneth Blackwell has been selected to join the Trump Administration’s commission on examining instances of voter fraud throughout the country.

Voter Fraud Oughta be a Crime

Undermines fair and honest elections

Colorado ‘Selfie’ Bill Opens the Door to Vote-Buying and Election Fraud

We don’t need voters taking selfies in the voting booth. We need them making wise and secret decisions.

No, We Don’t Need National Voting Standards

The Constitution gives states the power to run their own elections.

Illegal Alien Voter Convicted in Texas is Tip of the Iceberg

You won’t hear much about Rosa Maria Ortega after this week.

Why the North Carolina Voter ID Case Matters

It’s actually an attempt to preserve the Voting Rights Act.

Election Integrity Can’t Wait

Election integrity cannot be delayed. The closer it gets to the next election, the more the Democrats will turn it into a political football.

The Obama Administration’s Ugly Legacy of Undermining American Electoral Integrity

By selectively enforcing the law, Obama’s DOJ hurt efforts to stamp out voter fraud.