Vote Fraudsters Double Their Opportunities

Voter registration rolls are long overdue for the scrutiny they’re finally getting.

Why I’m Sticking with Trump’s Election Commission

After a few weeks of pre-packaged tweets designed to push me to quit the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, I’m reminded why the commission is so important and timely.

Florida Democrat Election Official Admits Noncitizens, Felons Voting

A veteran Democrat chief election official in Florida has conceded in court that noncitizens and felons possibly voted, in a case that could have national implications for how localities clean up voter rolls.

A Biased Judge Tosses a Texas Voter ID Law, Again

Some judges are determined to strike down election integrity laws, no matter what.

Initiated under Obama, a Plan for Cleaning Voter Rolls Is Now ‘Radical’

The Washington Post gets the story wrong.

ACRU: Ohio Has Right to Remove Inactive Voters

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals was wrong to strike down Ohio’s voter roll cleanup policy, a brief filed at the U.S. Supreme Court today by the American Civil Rights Union argues.

Maryland City to Allow Non-Citizens to Vote…Again

If you want to know where the progressive left wants to take U.S. elections, a trip through Maryland’s Washington, D.C.-area suburban counties is instructive.

VIDEO: J. Christian Adams Speaks on Voter Fraud Deniers

Fox News speaks with ACRU Policy Board member J. Christian Adams on June 17, 2017 about his role in the Election Integrity Commission and voter fraud deniers.

Alien Invasion: Thousands of Foreigners Registered to Vote (and Voting) in Virginia

Some inside the Beltway are in a froth about foreign influence in our elections.

ACRU Salutes President Trump for New Commission on Election Integrity

“Vote fraud is a cancer on our democratic system.” – Susan A. Carleson, American Civil Rights Union chairman and CEO