Blackwell: Citizenship Matters

3/26: It’s not about being against foreigners. All nations put their people first.

Vote Fraud? What Vote Fraud?

Vote fraud endangers our democratic system. It’s easy to commit and hard to detect, and no one knows for sure how often it occurs. But once it’s committed it can’t be undone.

The Costs of Early Voting

Until the late 1980s, Americans had two ways to vote: (1) in person on Election Day, or (2) absentee ballots sent through the mail or voted in person at county election departments prior to Election Day.

ACRU Policy Board Members Taking Flak

Statement from Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State and Vice Chair of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity

On June 28, the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity issued a letter requesting that states provide publicly available voter data as permitted under their state laws.

No, Hillary, Voter-ID Laws Don’t ‘Suppress’ Turnout

Mrs. Clinton maligns Wisconsin’s effort to protect the integrity of its elections in an attempt to excuse her own fatally flawed campaign.

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear North Carolina’s Voter ID Appeal. Here’s Why It’s Not a Big Deal.

The Supreme Court was not ruling here on whether the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ three-judge panel was correct in its assessment of the North Carolina law. (It wasn’t.)

Why Are Democrats Afraid of the Election Integrity Commission?

They know that the voter rolls are breeding grounds for potential fraud.

Establishment of Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity

Read the text of the White House’s Executive Order, establishing an Election Integrity Commission.

Iowa Adopts Voter-ID Law

Iowa became the latest state to enact a voter-ID law to protect the integrity of its election process.