NYT: Culling Voter Rolls: Battling Over Who Even Gets to Go to the Polls

On Nov. 25, the New York Times ran an article by Michael Wines citing the ACRU that examines the nationwide battle over cleaning up voter rolls.

Yes, Virginia, There Is Vote Fraud

If ever there were an election that proved the importance of accurate voter rolls, it was Virginia’s on Nov. 7.

Vote Fraud? What Vote Fraud?

Vote fraud endangers our democratic system. It’s easy to commit and hard to detect, and no one knows for sure how often it occurs. But once it’s committed it can’t be undone.

Securing the Vote: How Efforts to Prevent Fraud, and Voting Rights, Collide

Conservative watchdog groups in several states have filed suit to seek more aggressive action to remove ineligible voters from election rolls, while liberal advocacy and voting rights groups have filed lawsuits of their own.

ACRU Thanks House Chairman for Holding Hearing on Importance of Voting List Maintenance

ACRU Chairman and CEO Susan Carleson sent a letter to Rep. Gregg Harper, chairman of the Committee on House Administration, thanking him for holding a hearing that highlighted the crucial issue of keeping voter lists accurate.

Alien Voter Sighting: Meet Kassiah Kamara

Elites and a disgraced attorney general tell us there is no serious problem with voter fraud.

Vote Fraudsters Double Their Opportunities

Voter registration rolls are long overdue for the scrutiny they’re finally getting.

NBC’s Jane Timm Sparks Outrage in Attacking Trump’s Election Commission

Comic delight follows when you are attacked by NBC in a story written by a former fact checker for Rolling Stone.

‘Honor’ System We Have for Voting Is Unreliable

Ensuring the security of the American election process is a worthy goal for the Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

Initiated under Obama, a Plan for Cleaning Voter Rolls Is Now ‘Radical’

The Washington Post gets the story wrong.