Mr. President, Meet Avner Shapiro, Saboteur From the DOJ Swamp

President Trump is reportedly frustrated with Deep State leakers trying to sabotage his agenda.

Project Vote Bites the Dust

The self-styled voting rights group where Obama cut his teeth was hemorrhaging money.

Alien Invasion: Thousands of Foreigners Registered to Vote (and Voting) in Virginia

Some inside the Beltway are in a froth about foreign influence in our elections.

Guam’s Racially Segregated Voting Scheme Is Struck Down

A federal judge found that the island’s efforts to restrict voting to “native” residents violated the Constitution.

VIDEO: Dead Men Voting: Who Are They Casting Their Ballots For?

ACRU Policy Board member J. Christian Adams speaks to Fox News on voting corruption.

Jim Crow Rears Its Ugly Head in Guam

And Loretta Lynch and the NAACP are nowhere to be found.

Conservatives Score Two Voting Law Wins in Ohio and Virginia – but Could Those Victories Be Short Lived?

Politics, it seems, is always more important than what’s best for society and our communities.

GOP Sues over Virginia Governor’s Felon Voting Order

ACRU’s Charles Cooper sues over Virginia governor’s felon voting order.

Restore Ex-felons’ Vote? Waiting Period Essential

Proponents of automatic restoration of voting rights often conveniently ignore the fact that felons lose many other civil rights as well.

ACRU Sues Philadelphia over Voting Records

The complaint against Philadelphia is the first lawsuit the ACRU has brought in Pennsylvania under the NVRA.