Poland's Resistance to Gay Agenda Serves as Useful Example to America

In all of Europe, the country that most closely mirrors America culturally — and thus the one that may offer the most instructive lessons for us — is Poland. Sure, we share a long cultural history with Great Britain, and we owe many of our legal traditions to them. But culturally, the closest facsimile to the United States is probably Poland.

England is not as far gone as most of the rest of Europe, but it is certainly well into its post-Christian phase. But Poland remains a strongly Christianized society. Decades of Communist oppression could not kill off the devotion of its citizens. For this reason, Ronald Reagan gave special focus to Poland, giving the Solidarity movement critical spiritual and material support. He successively utilized the burgeoning forces for freedom there as a wedge to drive into the ever widening fissures of the Warsaw Pact, which finally crumbled shortly after Reagan left office in a dramatic but largely bloodless series of events across Eastern Europe and into the former Soviet Union itself.

So it is noteworthy that the Polish prime minister and the bulk of his people have publicly declared that they will not give in to the gay agenda and the forces of political correctness that would remake Poland in the image of the rest of secularized Europe.

Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski has come under fire from the sensitivity police for declaring Polish schools to be off-limits to proselytes of the gay lifestyle. “Such propaganda should not be in schools,” he said; “it definitely doesn’t serve youth well.” (HT: Dan Flynn)

Last month, Kaczynski’s administration announced that teachers who are promoting “homosexual culture” in schools would be fired.

The uproar from Europe’s sensitivity police was predictable and immediate. The European Union’s parliament passed a resolution, naturally sponsored by the Socialists, Liberals and Greens, condemning the announced policy and asking for the EU’s anti-racism center in Vienna to look into “the emerging climate of racist, xenophobic and homophobic intolerance in Poland.”

America’s schools are afflicted by the same multiculturalist social experimentation as Poland is apparently experiencing. To cite just one recent and local example, school officials in Montgomery County, MD, have been working since 2004 to include homosexual propaganda in the district’s sex curriculum, over the objections of area parents. They’ve been largely successful.

One wonders what pushing the homosexual agenda has to do with teaching math, science, and history? In America, academics have taken a back seat to diversity training. The Poles rightly want none of that.

So, bravo to Kaczynski for standing up to such destructive nonsense. The forces arrayed against him and his country are very similar to the forces we face here in America. We can learn from — and our leaders should emulate — his example. What happens in Poland will be instructive to what may soon happen here.

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