Protesters, including some in Scout uniforms, organized by the homosexual activist organization Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) demonstrated outside the Scouts’ national meeting in Atlanta. They were demanding that the Scouts change their policy on excluding openly homosexual individuals from Scouting. For PFLAG’s press release, click here.

As a rule, we do not publicize anti-Scouting propaganda, but we have decided to make an exception here. We are including it because it is essential that you know what those attacking Scouting are telling your friends, neighbors, co-workers and even members of your own family.

PFLAG’s news release is very self-serving. They use terms like “discrimination,” “intolerance” and “fairness” because they know that most Americans oppose unwarranted discrimination and try to be tolerant and fair. What they don’t acknowledge is that the United States Supreme Court has upheld the Scouts’ constitutional right to set their own standards for membership and leadership. And, other private organizations, including churches and PFLAG itself, have the same right. If this group feels so strongly that the Scouts are intolerant, PFLAG has a constitutional right to set up its own youth organization and limit membership to homosexuals.