Headlines from the Ongoing Battle for American Civil Rights – 6/27

An important reminder for Americans.

Reflections on patriotism (The Patriot Post)

Rare good news form the High Court – including a partial restoration of our speech rights during political campaigns.

U.S. Supreme Court hands down three favorable decisions (CitizenLink.org)

5-4 Supreme Court weakens curbs on pre-election speech (Washington Post)

Dismantling campaign finance reform: restoring your free speech (Sandy Froman)

Why McCain-Feingold was wrong-headed to begin with.

Campaign finance: the symptom, not the problem (John T. Wenders/The Freeman)

We prefer the free speech doctrine over the “fairness doctrine.”

Censorship through the Fairness Doctrine (Paul M. Weyrich)

‘Fairness doctrine’ is a code name for “censorship” (Alan Sears)

But liberals don’t.

Liberals vs. free speech (RealClearPolitics)

And one from our own distinguished Senior Fellow.

Whither personal responsibility (Horace Cooper)

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Are you aware of any news that the ACRU should know about? Has the ACLU been up to no good in your state? Is the Bill of Rights being undermined in some way that America needs to know about? Are the Boy Scouts, a war memorial, or another American institution under attack in your community? Then tell us about it. Post a link in the comments section below, or send us an email. Good tips will be recognized in future postings of the “Headlines”

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