Headlines from the Ongoing Battle for American Civil Rights – 7/6

With the comprehensive immigration reform bill dead and buried (look for it to return again and again like a horror-flick monster, though), the hot issue is the so-called Fairness Doctrine. So let’s be clear: there is nothing fair about it, and it is repugnant to the First Amendment. Rather, the ACRU favors the Free Speech Doctrine. We can’t repeat it enough, and we won’t stop saying it: Free speech, not government control of the airwaves:

Plan to restore fairness doctrine still on track, analyst says (CNSnews.com)

‘Fairness’ follies (Wall Street Journal/ACU)

Back to the Fairness Doctrine? (William Rusher)

What’s fair about the Fairness Doctrine? (Burt Prelutsky)

Libs long for ‘Fairness’ daze (Culture and Media Institute)

And our own Horace Cooper (Senior Fellow at the ACRU) chimes in on the subject:

Fake right, thrust left (Horace Cooper)

But all is not bad on the First Amendment front, given the High Court’s de-fanging of McCain-Feingold:

A victory for free speech (David S. Broder)

Walter Williams, who among other things serves on the ACRU Policy Board, always sets our thinking straight:

Straight thinking 101 (Walter E. Williams)

It is always good to think deeper about one of the most overlooked rights protected in the First Amendment, too:

On freedom of association (Charles W. Baird/The Freeman)

That persnickety Second Amendment: it drives politicians mad and puts the privacy of those who practice their constitutional right at risk:

Gun issue won’t stall budget (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Ohio newspaper under fire for outing gun owners (CNSnews.com)

It is gratifying to see schools and even some states stand up to the ACLU and for the right to religious expression:

Religious rights of students affirmed in N.J. and Texas (CitizenLink.org)

Memo from Congress: Who needs the Judiciary, anyway?

Judicial vacancies leave GOP with empty feeling (Al Kamen/Washington Post)

Finally, the Fourth of July may be past, but we will never stop celebrating our freedom. Therefore, here are a few more good thoughts on American Independence:

Independence Day messages from John Adams (Michael Medved)

Immigrants become citizens on nation’s birthday (CNSnews.com)

Taking America for granted (Thomas Sowell)

Patriotism (Cal Thomas)

America needs a July Fourth Seder (Dennis Prager)

Escape from New York: even Gen. Washington didn’t win every battle (Brendan Miniter/WSJ’s Opinion Journal)

Indivisible: no celebration of liberty can ignore America’s Godly heritage (Alan Sears)

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Are you aware of any news that the ACRU should know about? Has the ACLU been up to no good in your state? Is the Bill of Rights being undermined in some way that America needs to know about? Are the Boy Scouts, a war memorial, or another American institution under attack in your community? Then tell us about it. Post a link in the comments section below, or send us an email. Good tips will be recognized in future postings of the “Headlines”

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