Headlines from the Ongoing Battle for American Civil Rights – 7/9

The so-called Fairness Doctrine is so wrong and so dangerous that we’ll keep hammering away at it until it goes away for good. Be sure to tell your congressman that it is unfair, and that you support the free speech doctrine instead:

The unfairness doctrine (Paul Greenberg)

Fear, fairness, freedom, and fakery (Harry R. Jackson, Jr.)

Here’s Ed Feulner with an encouraging take on some good news we’ve had recently regarding speech rights:

A victory for free speech (Ed Feulner)

If the homosexual lobby was ever simply a “live and let live” movement, it has long since ceased being so. Now it is a “live, and publicly endorse our lifestyle choice – or else” movement that poses a threat to religious liberty, property rights, freedom of association, and free speech for those who disagree with them:

Lesbian couple wants access to religious property for civil union (CNSnews.com)

For another example, here’s an article which references the ACRU’s efforts to protect the rights of a doctor from being forced to administer a treatment against her religious convictions. Cited in the article is ACRU Policy Board member Ed Meese:

Calif. Supreme Court to hear contentious gay rights case (Law.com/The Recorder)

(For more information on this case, see our “Another Type of Conscientious Objector”)

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Are you aware of any news that the ACRU should know about? Has the ACLU been up to no good in your state? Is the Bill of Rights being undermined in some way that America needs to know about? Are the Boy Scouts, a war memorial, or another American institution under attack in your community? Then tell us about it. Post a link in the comments section below, or send us an email. Good tips will be recognized in future postings of the “Headlines”

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