Lesbians Want Methodists to Allow Ceremony

Two lesbians have brought a complaint against a park, owned and operated by the Methodist Church, for refusing them the “right” to have their civil ceremony (wedding?) in a pavilion there. The response of the Church is that it doesn’t allow civil unions of any type in that pavilion, that it is used only for religious purposes including weddings.

The lesbians are strongly supported by Garden State Equality, which represents the “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community.” (We have no idea what the “intersex community” is.) The complaint is made under the Public Accommodations Law in New Jersey, the same one which was used to attack the Boy Scouts of America for rejecting a homosexual as an adult leader. (That case ended with the US Supreme Court ruling that the Scouts were exercising their Freedom of Association under the First Amendment, reversing the NJ Supreme Court which had ruled that the Act could be applied to the Scouts.)

If it is pushed that far, this case could wind up in the US Supreme Court. If so, the clause about “freedom of religion” should cause the lesbians to lose their case against the Methodists.

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