Headlines from the Ongoing Battle for American Civil Rights – 7/23

Regulating “Fairness” is inherently subjective, and as such is inherently leftist, given that government is the regulator. Freedom is the only truly fair doctrine:

The Fairness Doctrine lives! (Campus Report Online)

The ‘Fairness Doctrine’ power grab (Family Security Matters)

Senate Democrats foil attempt to bar ‘Fairness Doctrine’ (Washington Times)

What is happening in the Senate over the President’s judicial nominees is despicable. (For more info, be sure to check out The Committee for Justice website):

Senate scrap looms over judicial nominee (CNSnews.com)

Senator Specter defends judicial nominee Southwick (CitizenLink.org)

No state church and freedom of religious expression should be simple; then why does the High Court further muddle our religious liberties with each passing year?:

The Supreme Court giveth, the Supreme Court taketh away (Ken Blackwell)

Well said:

Why hate shouldn’t be a crime (Gregory Koukl)

The ACLU is like a broken clock – but at least broken clocks don’t attack our fundamental values:

The ACLU: Enemy of America and Christianity (Rabbi Aryeh Spero/Human Events Online)

A perception issue? Revolving door between the ACLU and National Public Radio (Tim Graham)

The reach of Leviathan knows no bounds:

Elderly couple may lose house because of $1.63 tax bill (USA Today)

8-year-old boy barred from plane for appearing on terrorist no-fly list (FOXNews.com)

This state can take your dreams, too (Debra J. Saunders)

The ACRU is working to restore the right to self-defense in the nation’s capital and elsewhere. Gun-grabbers are naturally up in arms (bad pun intended) about it:

DC to appeal handgun case to Supreme Court (AP/WUSA9.com)

Gun ownership becoming a Capital idea (Project 21/National Center for Public Policy Research)

Banning handguns would save lives? It just ain’t so! (PDF) (Clayton E. Cramer/The Freeman)

D.C.’s assault on the Second Amendment (Terence Jeffrey)

Gun-control bill passes PA legislature (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

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Are you aware of any news that the ACRU should know about? Has the ACLU been up to no good in your state? Is the Bill of Rights being undermined in some way that America needs to know about? Are the Boy Scouts, a war memorial, or another American institution under attack in your community? Then tell us about it. Post a link in the comments section below, or send us an email. Good tips will be recognized in future postings of the “Headlines”

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