Headlines from the Ongoing Battle for American Civil Rights – 7/27

A tragic decision was handed down yesterday, striking down the right of local communities to defend themselves against the blight of illegal immigration. The ACRU is in the lead in defending the prerogatives of Hazelton, PA, and other communities in this regard, so I encourage our readers to consider our opinion on the case, found in John Armor’s excellent article, “The Hazelton Rebellion.” The good news is that this case is likely to go all the way to the United States Supreme Court. Here’s the news from yesterday:

Judge strikes down Hazleton’s illegal immigrant law (AP/The News Journal)

Judge overturns Pa. city’s illegal immigrant ordinance (CNSnews.com)

Though there is no constitutional prescription for the number of justices on the Supreme Court, FDR’s court packing scheme was a blatant grab at power and an attempt to further undermine the U.S. Constitution. Some people want to try FDR’s ploy again:

Proposal to expand size of Supreme Court draws fire (CNSnews.com)

Congress rightfully has oversight and “advice and consent” powers over the President’s nominees and officers of the Executive Branch. But blatant political ploys and racial gerrymandering of the district courts don’t fit this definition:

Beneath contempt: The U.S. attorneys controversy is about politics, not the law (Kimberly Strassel/WSJ’s OpinionJournal)

Leahy’s black judge quota (Amanda Carpenter)

Finally, sanity from the speech regulators:

Fairness Doctrine not needed, FCC chairman says (CNSnews.com)

Anyone who thinks that Professor Ward Churchill’s ouster (at last!) from the University of Colorado simply doesn’t know the facts. Students deserve good teachers, not plagiarizing, anti-American polemicizers of tall tales:

Ward Churchill goes down (Campus Report Online)

Academic fraud (Linda Chavez)

Fired Colo. professor sues university (AP/Breitbart.com)

But here are a few real free speech cases on campus:

First Amendment lottery (Campus Report Online)

Finally today, the ACLU loses another assault on religion:

ACLU loses Louisiana prayer challenge (CitizenLink.org)

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Are you aware of any news that the ACRU should know about? Has the ACLU been up to no good in your state? Is the Bill of Rights being undermined in some way that America needs to know about? Are the Boy Scouts, a war memorial, or another American institution under attack in your community? Then tell us about it. Post a link in the comments section below, or send us an email. Good tips will be recognized in future postings of the “Headlines”

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