O'Reilly Right on Target

Bill O’Reilly says in his column today (7/27/2007):

“Now, please, can we put this ACLU thing to bed once and for all? This is a far-left advocacy group with no interest in anybody’s speech it doesn’t like. Yeah, once in a while it will stick up for a non-liberal cause, but in a contrived public relations move. You want free speech? The ACLU is a dishonest group that hides behind the First Amendment in order to promote a secular progressive America.”

O’Reilly is exactly correct in this commentary. The ACLU isn’t about promoting the First Amendment or any other provision of the Bill of Rights, or even civil liberties. It is about promoting a far left political agenda under the guise of these covers. Just check out our list of ACLU outrages on this website. The ACLU loves to speak up for the rights of the Ku Klux Klan occasionally, precisely as O’Reilly suggests, because they can then appear to be broad-based defenders of free speech while not actually defending any serious non-liberal speech. But you never see the ACLU speaking up for the free speech rights of Christians, for example, or anyone who believes in traditional moral values, like the Boy Scouts.

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