The ACLU has settled one case against Homeland Security concerning a holding facility in Texas for whole families of illegal aliens. At the same time, one of the largest, most left-wing unions in the US files a new suit against Homeland. Both cases are of a piece in trying to prevent the US from enforcing its immigration laws.

The lawsuit Texas concerned the 512-bed T. Don Hutto Family Residential Facility in Taylor, Texas. The ACLU had claimed that Homeland Security was “mistreating” families, and especially children, who were being held pending deportation at that place.

A fact-finding trial was about to begin concerning that facility. According to the article, Immigration and Customs Enforcement had begun “improving education, recreation, medical care and privacy standards at its first large holding facility for illegal immigrant families.” From the Washington Post article, it is not possible to judge whether these were improvements that ICE intended to make anyway, or were caused by the filing of this law suit.

When filed, the ACLU lawsuit claimed a chamber of horrors as being inflicted on long-suffering immigrants, without ever using the word “illegal.” Apparently, the ACLU abandoned any claim that the families who were taken into this facility were anything other than probable illegal aliens who could be deported when they had been given a hearing on that matter.

Also, it is worth noting that the ACLU switches sides on factual matters, choosing the position with the highest “ain’t it terrible” index. In Massachusetts, the ACLU challenged ICE “raids” that “separated parents from their children.” In Texas, the ACLU challenged ICE precisely because it was not separating children from their parents.

Interestingly, the Post includes in this article a separate subject of a different suit in Oregon. It states that “the Service Employees International Union plans today to file a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Portland, Ore., against another federal immigration agency, charging that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services exceeded its authority by raising fees significantly July 30, including increasing charges for citizenship applicants from $400 to $675.

“The increase ‘presents a huge barrier to thousands of immigrants’ anxious to vote in the 2008 presidential primary and general elections, said Eliseo Medina, the union’s executive vice president. ‘This lawsuit is about accountability.’ “

Were the reporters and editors responsible for this article thinking as they were typing in preparing these two paragraphs? Everyone who has not been living under a rock knows that illegal immigrants are paying upwards of $5,000 a piece to be smuggled into the United States. And yet, this particular American union claims that raising the fee for a citizenship application by – are you ready for this? – $275.

But most important is the absurdly laughable reason why the SEIU has filed this case, because thousands of immigrants are “anxious” to vote in next year’s elections. Even aliens who have a right to become citizens under an obvious category such as marriage to an American, do not get their citizenship fast enough to vote in next year’s elections. A competent reporter or editor should have known this, and pursued an additional point.

Perhaps the Executive Vice President of this Union was committing accidental truth, admitting that these illegals WILL vote in next year’s elections, unless effective steps are taken to cut down on vote fraud.

The facts for this article, but not the legal conclusions, come from an article in the Washington Post, published on 26 August.

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