March 3, 2008

Eagle Scout: Save Learning for Life in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES–Eagle Scout and author Hans Zeiger, a senior fellow at the American Civil Rights Union, today reacted to a February 26 letter from Lambda Legal which asked the City of Los Angeles to cancel its partnerships with the Learning for Life youth program. Lambda called the partnerships “illegal,” because Learning for Life is sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America.

“This letter is nothing but a cruel attack on the children of Los Angeles,” said Zeiger. “If the city evicts Learning for Life from its police and fire departments, it will be hurting thousands of inner city kids who need role models and life skills.

“This attack on Learning for Life has nothing to do with membership policies. Learning for Life doesn’t even discriminate on the basis of religious belief or sexual preference. The Left has a bigger agenda than simply forcing the Boy Scouts to change their membership policies. The Left wants to destroy the Boy Scouts’ entire system of values–values that are generally shared and taught by Learning for Life.”

“I urge the City of Los Angeles to keep Learning for Life in its city facilities. Without Learning for Life, children will find alternatives: crime, gangs, and drugs. Americans who care about the welfare of our communities should contact City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo at Tell him to reject this radical agenda to destroy the Boy Scouts and Learning for Life.”

HANS ZEIGER, an Eagle Scout, is a senior fellow at the American Civil Rights Union. In addition to volunteering as an assistant Scoutmaster for his troop, Hans is the author of Get Off My Honor: The Assault on the Boy Scouts of America. Hans has been a guest on many radio and television programs. He is a student at the Pepperdine University School of Public Policy in Malibu, California.


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